Barry Back was born in Brewarrina New South Wales, Australia in 1959. He was introduced to art from an early age, painting his first landscape at the age of fourteen. His paintings have been influenced by the “Heidelberg School” Australian Impressionist masters such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Elioth Gruner. He had also been influenced by more modern day painters as Australian artists; Robert Simpson, Kasey Sealy and American artists; Scott L Christensen and Richard Schmid. Barry moved to Queensland, Australia in 1980 and now resides on the Sunshine Coast. Barry paints mainly from life and finds most of his subjects from travelling around this beautiful country of ours on his own and with a group of other dedicated artists who wish to portray this beauty. “I am on a journey to record the nostalgic face of Australia for future generations to admire on canvas” says Barry. He also teaches workshops around Qld and NSW demonstrating his knowledge that he has learned from painting outside. Barry has had several successful solo exhibitions and group shows over the years and is represented in private collections in Australia and overseas including Japan, USA, New Zealand and Ireland.

Plein - Air

Plein Air is the French term for painting outdoors. It was first done by the French Barbizon School in the early - to mid - 19th century and made famous later in the century by the Impressionists, plein air painting emphasized direct observation of nature rather than a narrative and stylized studio depiction. All of my work now is painted Plein Air with a direct response to the landscape, using colour as a main tool to enhance the light and atmosphere.


Artist statement

Before I even put brushes to canvas I always ask myself “what do I want to say about the subject that I have chosen to capture in paint”. I try to break down the essence of the landscape into simple shapes of line, colour, tone, etc. It is always about the light on the subject at any given time. I try not to copy nature as I see it but I take parts of it, abstract it and use my artistic interpretation to what I saw as an artist. My goals as an artist are to keep painting as long as my body will let me and to market my paintings to a wider audience so they too can appreciate them.

Winner of numerous awards 

3 Solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions

Features in Australian Artist magazine, The Outback Magazine

T.V. Documentary, ABC Landline “Brushstrokes”

The biggest impact on my career was when I started to exhibit, and exposure through different forms of media